Wholesale +Shrooms – Gut Support (6ct. Box)

MSRP: $29.99

As the name implies, our Shrooms Gut Support performs its key action in the guts. It helps speed up the body’s metabolism for easier digestion, easier stomach health, and a healthier body system in general.



Need wholesale functional mushrooms? Discover our Wholesale +Shrooms – Gut Support (6ct. Box)!

Our Wholesale Gut Support with Chaga and Raspberry Ketone was formulated to support a healthy metabolism. The unique formula in our Wholesale +Shrooms – Gut Support (6ct. Box) has merged a trusted pillar of Chinese Medicine with a well known supplement that offer unmatched results.

As the world turns to more natural things to support our bodies, become a resource with our Wholesale +Shrooms – Gut Support (6ct. Box)! This popular Wholesale +Shrooms – Gut Support (6ct. Box) product can help customers continue diligently supporting their health and wellness goals. Discover premium wholesale products from The Emerald Corp. Our Wholesale +Shrooms – Gut Support (6ct. Box) are manufactured in the USA in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility and are third-party lab tested. Shop for our Wholesale +Shrooms – Gut Support (6ct. Box) with confidence knowing exactly what you are offering your loyal customers.




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