Wholesale +Shrooms – Lung Detox (6ct. Box)

MSRP: $29.99

+Shrooms Lung Detox is powered by a unique and innovative formula which employs the restorative agents in cordyceps and ginseng to give your lungs the intense cleansing it requires for smooth functioning.



Wholesale +Shrooms – Lung Detox (6ct. Box) is a popular functional mushroom product available with wholesale pricing. Become the expert by offering your customers what they’re looking for as they focus on improving and maintaining their health.

Wholesale +Shrooms – Lung Detox (6ct. Box) employs the powerful therapeutic properties of Cordyceps and Ginseng to help rid the lungs of unwanted toxins and support a healthy lung function.

Order your Wholesale +Shrooms – Lung Detox (6ct. Box) from The Emerald Corp with confidence! We have high-quality control procedures in place including USA manufacturing in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility and third-party-lab testing. Provide your customers the best Wholesale +Shrooms – Lung Detox (6ct. Box) available!




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