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Sometimes, it all just feels like too much. Find the chill vibe without the panic.

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Discover better recovery. No pharma side effects necessary. Your secret tool for playing harder sooner.

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Deliciously enjoyable, Easy to dose, Portable and Discreet.

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Why Do Businesses Purchase Top Shelf Wholesale Products From Us?

Our wholesale members enjoy benefits such as a full-support team that is as active and involved as you need for us to be. Additionally, wholesale members experience the best pricing and the ability to earn better compensation than many competitors.

Wholesale members know the quality of the US farmed and produced CBD products and are given exclusive information with promotions, specials, learning about networking, how to provide hands-on experiences, and become part of our team, our tribe, and our community.

What Are The Benefits of Becoming a Wholesale Member

We provide real-time inventory and on-time shipments. Our items are in-stock and ready to ship. Our employees fulfill each order, carefully package it and get it on its way to you or drop-shipped blindly to your customer.

Wholesale members enjoy being part of the Emerald Corp team that understands the benefits as well as the WHY of CBD. We are ready to assist you and support you on your path of becoming a wholesale member.

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