The Emerald Corp is a vertically integrated manufacturer of branded and private label products in the holistic health market. We specialize in Cannabinoid Sciences along with a wide array of CBD infused products, available to all distributors across the country at highly discounted prices.

We are an apex online shop for customers looking to secure high quality products from their trusted brands, and we consider our distributors to be one of the major cardinal points that fuel our continual growth and efficiency. And it is for this very reason that we do not take this part of the process lightly at all.

To show how committed we are to our distributors, The Emerald Corp offers a host of arrangements that ensure above all things that you, as one of The Emerald Corp’s major distributors, enjoy maximum value, convenience, and efficiency.

The Emerald Corp


To provide the highest possible value for our distributors, The Emerald Corp offers three comprehensive purchase options, each with it's own exclusive pricing rate available to distributors only.
These include Sleeve, Inner Case, and Master Case options.

Distributor Deals


Our Sleeve purchase option provides you the opportunity to save even further by purchasing a sleeve, or multiple sleeves, of whatever product category you choose to go with. A sleeve could be a six pack, or a corresponding wholesale package quantity in which your desired product(s) is offered.

Inner Case

Our Inner Case purchase option affords you the opportunity to save even further than the six-pack option. With the inner case option, you’ll get 10 sleeves of product at once, at a discounted price.

Master Case

Finally, our Master Case purchase option provides you the opportunity to save even further than the inner case option. With the master case option, you’ll get 30 sleeves at once – also, of course, at a discounted price.

What You Stand to Gain With
Our Distributor Packages

The Emerald Corp offers a special pricing option for its distributors, as well as a host of other specials benefits to be found below.

Save Even

As one of The Emerald Corp’s distributors, you get to buy all of our products at highly discounted prices. Now it is no secret that here at The Emerald Corp we strive to give everyone a highly reasonable pricing option, and even our regular wholesalers enjoy a special pricing prerogative. But to take it even further, as a distributor, we ensure that you get to save even more.

Mix and Match Between
Any of Our Products

As a distributor for The Emerald Corp, we make sure that you get to enjoy a degree of flexibility that isn’t availability elsewhere. We do this by giving you the option to choose between any of our industry-leading, high quality products, and what’s more, you also get to mix and match between any of them as you like.

Full Support

The Emerald Corp provides a full team of support staff to handle all of your requests and adjustments as a distributor. We are committed fully to making sure that the entire process of ordering and delivering our products remains as smooth and seamless for you as possible.

The Emerald Corp

At The Emerald Corp we believe in forging great relationships with our customers and distributors alike. We like to imagine this to be one of our strong suits. As one of The Emerald Corp Corp’s major distributors, you get to become a key member of our strong and ever-growing family, and of course enjoy the perks that come with that.


Enjoy lightning shipments as a distributor for The Emerald Corp. We understand how valuable time is in maximizing profit values, and as such we ensure that as our distributor you never have to waste a single extra minute of valuable time waiting for your shipments to be delivered.


Thanks to our philosophy of smoothness and efficiency, at The Emerald Corp we ensure that everything we do follows through a simple turnkey process that simplifies key aspects, and in the end makes for a ridiculously fast and efficient system. Right from when you choose to register with us, to placing your orders and receiving your shipments, we make sure that everything with no stress or glitch whatsoever.

How to Become an
Emerald Corp Distributor

Becoming one of The Emerald Corp's major distributors is quite simple. All you have to do is follow the short steps below and you'll be good to go.

  • Register as an Emerald Corp Distributor
  • Select Your Inventory
  • Make Payments
  • Receive Your Shipments

We're always available to answer your questions if you have one.

Become an Emerald Corp
Distributor Today

What are you waiting for? All of these special offers and loads more are right at your fingertip. All you have to do is begin the registration process below to become one of The Emerald Corp’s major distributors today and enjoy these benefits!

At The Emerald Corp, we value partnerships, and strive to equip our partners with everything they need to begin their journeys to the very top of the industry. We have all the tools to ensure that businesses around the country not only get their desired products manufactured, but also provide everything they need to build their brands and show the world that special edge they have to offer.

With over 20 years of experience in product development, we know just how to bring your visions to life, and not just stop there, but also communicate them to your audience in the most optimal, most efficient way possible.

The Emerald Corp possesses a team of branding and manufacturing experts with years of experience building up top brands in the industry, These experts are here to work side by side with you to make all your design processes quick, easy, and thoroughly exciting.

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