Wholesale BUDD -Top Shelf – 3.5g Purple Lifter (6ct. Box)

MSRP: $24.99
(120 customer reviews)

Top Shelf Super Sour is your source of remarkable calmness and satisfaction wrapped up in a sweet exterior with a proper super sour taste. It employs a super targeted delivery mechanism to influence pertinent agents in the body system to produce that wonderful feeling of unrivaled calm and assurance.



Wholesale BUDD -Top Shelf – 3.5g Purple Lifter (6ct. Box) makes use of our CBD kief formula along with the classic Wholesale Top Shelf Sour OG, with all its therapeutic capabilities, to produce a final product with less than 0.3% THC and a host of incredible rejuvenative properties.

Apart from being highly recommended for a sense of calm and assurance, the Wholesale BUDD -Top Shelf – 3.5g Purple Lifter (6ct. Box) is also great for those seeking a mild amount of energy followed by a more relaxing feeling.

And as the name implies, Wholesale Top Shelf Sour OG is formulated to possess a sour taste for smooth and pleasant consumption.

Wholesale BUDD -Top Shelf – 3.5g Purple Lifter (6ct. Box) is an in demand product available with wholesale pricing. Shop with confidence from The Emerald Corp as we are a USA manufacturer with a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility and third-party lab testing assuring there’s no additives in our Wholesale Top Shelf Sour OG. 



120 reviews for Wholesale BUDD -Top Shelf – 3.5g Purple Lifter (6ct. Box)

  1. Leo A. (verified owner)

    The top shelf Purple Lifter from BUDD is a winner in my store. Thanks to Emerald Corp’s all-inclusive approach to wholesale, my business runs smoothly.

  2. Noah E. (verified owner)

    The Purple Lifter by BUDD is an amazing hemp product that my customers absolutely love. What’s more amazing is the holistic wholesale approach of Emerald Corp. They have reshaped my understanding of wholesale, proving to be more than just a manufacturer. Their innovative handling of the entire wholesale process, from manufacturing to delivery, truly highlights their commitment to quality and efficiency. With Emerald Corp, I’m not just purchasing a product; I’m entering into a business-enhancing partnership. Their comprehensive service has made all the difference to my business. I highly recommend them to any retailers seeking to elevate their business to new heights.

  3. Eva B. (verified owner)

    The Purple Lifter from BUDD is high in demand among my customers. Emerald Corp’s complete wholesale service is something that has helped my business grow.

  4. Theo C. (verified owner)

    The BUDD’s purple lifter is a hit in my store, and Emerald Corp handles all the wholesale process efficiently. They’re not just a service; they’re a partner. 🌿

  5. Mia D. (verified owner)

    BUDD’s purple lifter has become a favorite for my hemp-loving customers. Emerald Corp’s 360-degree wholesale service keeps my business thriving.

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