Wholesale BUDD – Top Shelf – 3.5g Sour Lifter (6ct. Box)

MSRP: $24.99
(96 customer reviews)

Top Shelf Gorilla Glue makes use of a unique formula to get you feeling sound and raring to go in no time. In typical gorilla glue fashion, Top Shelf Gorilla Glue from Budd keeps you energized and focused, leaving you “glued” and mentally aware.



Wholesale Top Shelf Gelato provides the perfect balance between relaxation and energy. In short, Wholesale BUDD – Top Shelf – 3.5g Sour Lifter (6ct. Box) gives you enough energy to get around without getting fatigued, while leaving your body relaxed enough at the same time. 

This, obviously, is a feeling many crave but is usually quite difficult to attain. Not anymore, however, thanks to the unique formulation in the Wholesale Budd Top Shelf Gelato. 

What’s more, this amazing Wholesale BUDD – Top Shelf – 3.5g Sour Lifter (6ct. Box) product comes in a sweet and delicate exterior with a fruity aroma. Don’t be fooled by the soft exterior, though, as the potency that comes afterwards from Wholesale BUDD – Top Shelf – 3.5g Sour Lifter (6ct. Box) is as high as efficient as they come.



96 reviews for Wholesale BUDD – Top Shelf – 3.5g Sour Lifter (6ct. Box)

  1. Lucas J. (verified owner)

    BUDD’s Sour Lifter is a hemp product that has revolutionized the wellness routine of my customers. But what’s even more amazing is the outstanding wholesale service provided by Emerald Corp. They’ve gone above and beyond the traditional manufacturer-wholesaler relationship to become a supportive business partner. From product manufacturing to delivery, their efficient and professional approach has significantly streamlined my business operations. Working with Emerald Corp means more than just purchasing top-quality products; it means being part of an innovative and collaborative business partnership. Their invaluable support and unparalleled service have truly boosted my business, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

  2. Oliver H. (verified owner)

    The sour lifter by BUDD is my customers’ favorite hemp product. Emerald Corp’s comprehensive approach to wholesale is just awesome. They’re not just a provider, they’re a partner. 🙌

  3. Isla F. (verified owner)

    The sour lifter from BUDD has been a hit. Thanks to the comprehensive wholesale approach of Emerald Corp, my business is flourishing.

  4. Emma I. (verified owner)

    BUDD’s sour lifter is a must-have for my hemp-loving customers. The all-around wholesale service offered by Emerald Corp keeps my business running smoothly.

  5. Jack G. (verified owner)

    BUDD’s sour lifter is loved by my customers. The integrated wholesale service provided by Emerald Corp has been instrumental in growing my business.

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