Wholesale Pawsitivity Dry Nose Balm 150mg



Choose Wholesale Pawsitivity Dry Nose Balm to soothe dry dog noses and keep them moisturized. Protect your best dog’s ever snout from dryness and irritation, as it nourishes your faithful companion’s nose with premium ingredients. Our Pawsitivity Dry Nose Balm is easy to apply. Simply rub the balm on your dog’s nose with your fingertips. It is non-toxic, so there is no need to stress if your dog attempts to lick it off.

Select our Wholesale Pawsitivity Dry Nose Balm for your dog’s dry, cracked, or even crusty nose.

Your dog’s nose can become irritated and crusted because of allergens, dust, extreme weather conditions, sun, wind, winter snow, or even the salt treatments used to eliminate ice. Whatever the cause, our Pawsitivity dry nose balm can be used with your best friend of all ages and any different breed. Our Wholesale Pawsitivity Dry Nose Balm protects, heals, moisturizes, and helps to keep your dog comfortable, even with autoimmune deficiencies such as discoid lupus and dog hyperkeratosis.

Give your loyal dog premium hydration with our Pawsitivity Dry Nose Balm with results you can see, and they can feel. Protect and restore your dog’s nose by easily applying Wholesale Pawsitivity Dry Nose Balm. Order our premium quality Wholesale Pawsitivity Dry Nose Balm today!

  • Non-Toxic
  • All-Naturals
  • 150mg Broad Spectrum
  • Third-Party Tested for Quality Control
  • GMP Certified Manufacturing
  • Grown, Harvested, and Manufactured in the USA




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